Special investment fund Trevian Finland Properties I has on 18 June 2019 bought majority of the Kauppakortteli Pekuri city block in Oulu city centre, by the Rotuaari pedestrian zone. The acquired entity was completed in 1947 and 1963 and it comprises over  17,000 m2 of leasable area. Premises are currently leased to 30 tenants, including K-Supermarket, Alko and Kappahl. There is plenty of underground parking space.

“There is a lack of modern, high quality office space in the Oulu city centre”, says Fund Manager Amalia Pöyry from Trevian Funds AIFM. “Since Stockmann department store left Oulu in 2017, the property has suffered from significant under-utilisation, but its location is the best possible. We believe that with the right investments and active local asset management, we will be able to create a very functional selection of office, retail, restaurants and cafés. As a long-term domestic investor, we want to make our contribution for the regeneration and development of the city centre of Oulu and cooperate closely with essential parties such as City of Oulu, BusinessOulu and Oulun Liikekeskus ry association”, Fund Manager Pöyry comments.

With 204,000 inhabitants, Oulu is the most populous city in Northern Finland and the fifth most populous in the country. Over the recent years, it has enjoyed population growth, improving employment and a vibrant startup scene, especially within information technology.

The acquisition is the fund’s second purchase in Oulu. In April it acquired a 6,210 m2 retail property with Delta Auto Oy as tenant with a long lease.



Amalia Pöyry
Partner, Fund Manager
Trevian Funds AIFM Ltd
tel. +358 50 305 5044


Trevian Funds AIFM was established in 2017 and it has a license under the AIFM Directive. The company is based on Finland’s strongest property portfolio management expertise. Non-UCITS Trevian Finland Properties I is its first fund to invest in strong cash flow and development potential.