Special investment fund Trevian Finland Properties I achieved its growth and net return targets in its first full year of operation. The fund’s goal is to distribute an annual net return of 8-10% to its investors. Net return after fees and expenses was 9.01% for calendar year 2018, and 14.19% since inception on 30 September 2017.

The fund’s gross asset value grew to 158 million euros. At year-end 2018, the portfolio consisted of 27 properties in 13 cities. The largest asset weights are currently within Greater Helsinki (31%), Turku region (27%), Jyväskylä region (17%), Rovaniemi (12%) and Tampere (8%). Due to the broad expertise of the Trevian team, the fund has been able to source more demanding and labour-intensive properties from a less competed segment of the market, with attractive risk-reward ratios. Local market knowledge and local presence are at the heart of the fund’s strategy.

The current portfolio has a total leasable area of ca. 177,000 m2, about 450 tenants and over 500 lease agreements. The weighted average lease term (WALT) was 3.84 years at year-end. The fund has an initial yield of 8.6% on the market value of the properties.

Trevian Finland Properties I will continue making acquisitions in line with its investment strategy, at the same time improving its capital structure. The next subscription dates of the fund are 29 March and 28 June 2019.



Jussipekka Aumo
Partner, Sales Director
Trevian Funds AIFM Ltd
tel. +358 50 428 0668


Trevian Funds AIFM was established in 2017 and it has a license under the AIFM Directive. The company is based on Finland’s strongest property portfolio management expertise. Non-UCITS Trevian Finland Properties I is its first fund to invest in strong cash flow and development potential.