Sharing our funds with you

We focus on introducing solid cash flow oriented special investment funds investing in Finnish properties. We are committed to our funds as we are co-investing in them with serious intentions.

With our team of over 50 real estate professionals at Trevian Asset Management, we are able manage all kinds of properties – our job is to keep up and enhance the cash flow from the assets, while actively seeking to increase the value of the properties through effective management. Just contact us and we will share more detailed information on our proven track record and investment policies.

Trevian Finland Properties I


Mutual investment fund (non-ucits, AIF) investing into Finnish properties.

According to the fund policy the target is to invest into diversified assets that have significant cash flow and development potential, located mostly in the top 20 cities/areas of Finland. With the leading real estate asset management team of over 50 real estate professionals, on which we can rely, we have the opportunity to invest into properties that require a lot from the asset management. We are not afraid of taking the extra mile for our investors – that is often the requirement when seeking assets with the best yield-risk-development potential. We believe so strongly in our fund that our team also invests in it. This indicates how you can really rely on us striving for the best investment decisions. The fund’s next subscription dates are 30 September and 31 December 2020.

Our goal is to have an annual return of 8-10 % to our investors after expenses, however it should be noted that there are always risks attached to investments. The number of risks in high-yielding real properties is naturally higher, but we seek to control and mitigate the risks with effective asset management by our skilled team of professionals.

Fund unit value (EUR):

30 June 2020: 111.6305 (115.9905 adjusted for profit distribution)

31 March 2020: 113.4654 (117.8254 adjusted for profit distribution)

31 December 2019: 118.6647 (121.1147 adjusted for profit distribution)

30 September 2019: 117.4001 (119.8501 adjusted for profit distribution)

30 June 2019: 115.3923 (117.8423 adjusted for profit distribution)

31 March 2019: 113.2770 (115.7270 adjusted for profit distribution)

31 December 2018: 114.1870

30 November 2018: 113.4268

30 September 2018: 111.7808

30 June 2018:
A-series 110.0607
B-series 110.0418
C-series 110.5951
D-series 110.5754

31 March 2018:
A-series 107.5426
B-series 107.5762
C-series 107.6601
D-series 107.6769

28 February 2018:      106.30909
31 December 2017:     104.75201
30 November 2017:    104.57998
31 October 2017:         102.42730
30 September 2017:   100.00000